Not Enough Space?

Are you also in need of space when protecting against cave-ins while working in trenches?

Save Time and Costs

Do you sometimes take the chance and work in an unsecure trench?


Safety should not be inconvenient. We deliver user friendly safety.

Easy Transportation

The Stenger Trench Box can be transported disassembled as well as assembled.


  • We are searching for rental companies as collaboration partners. So if you wish to rent the Stenger trench box, please ask you local rental company to contact us so we can increase the availability of the Stenger Trench Box.

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Developed according to EN-13331-1

  • Developed in accordance with EN-13331-1 The Stenger Trench Box has been developed in accordance with the European Norm 13331-1 for trench lining systems. An independent engineer has made the static calculations to show the maximum earth pressure the boxes can withstand.Furthermore, our boxes are produced after the… Read more


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