From entrepreneur to innovator of trench shoring boxes

Stenger ApS is managed by the married couple Preben and Margrethe Stenger. Preben in particular handles the trench shoring boxes development, while Margrethe handles sales, administration and presentation.

The story of Stenger ApS begins in 1986 with the founding of The Stenger Brothers I/S, wherein Preben and his brother Johan worked in masonry, foundry and entrepreneur  in both private and the business sector.

In the early 90’s Johan starts creating foundations for windmills, and when the market in Norway and Sweden becomes interesting, Johan and Preben together with Hans and Jens Ibsen founds Stenger & Ibsen Construction A/S (SIC) in 2004. Johan now works solely in SIC and chose to depart from The Stenger Brothers. After this Preben continued working in the now renamed Stenger Build ApS, while Margrethe Stenger finished her education in sewerage work in 1998. The idea of developing a smaller, easier to access trench shoring box resulted in a one-year project hiring of civil engineer Suzanne Ranch in 2011, whom drew and developed the trench shoring box that arrived on the market 1st of april 2012.

The trench shoring box is patented in Denmark and internationally in both Germany, Great Britain and the United States of America among others.

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