With extra struts you get an even more flexible box with the ability to adjust and adapt the width inside your work space to your particular need. The struts come in the following lengths:

Struts 60-80 gives an internal width of 49-69 cm.

Struts 80-121 gives an internal width of 69-110 cm.

Struts 129-218 gives an internal width of 118-207 cm.

Struts 180-320 gives an internal width of 169-309 cm.

Cutting edges:

Cutting edges are delivered fixed or as a mountable feature.

Assembly rail:

The rail is used for assembling and disassembling the trench shoring box. The assembly rail ensures an easy, secure and quick assembly of the boxes. For a glimpse of how it works, check out our demonstration video.

Lifting chains:

The lifting chains makes the panels easy to handle with a small excavator, for instance when the boxes are to be placed into excavation sites.